chemist (plural chemists)

  1. A person whose occupation specializes in the science of chemistry, especially at a professional level.
  2. (chiefly British) A pharmacist.
  3. (chiefly British) A pharmacy.


7 letters in word "chemist": C E H I M S T.

Anagrams of chemist:

Words found within chemist:

cesti ch che chest chi chime chimes chis chit chits cis cist cit cite cites cits ech echt eh ehs em emic emit emits ems es est et etch eth ethic ethics eths etic he heist hem hemic hems hes hest het hets hi hic hie hiems hies him hims his hist hit hits hm ice ices ich iches ichs is ish ism it itch itches item items its me meith meiths mes mesh mesic met meth meths metic metics metis mets mi mic mice miche miches mics mis mise mist mitch mite mites sec sect sei semi set sh she shet shim si sic sice sich sieth sim sit site sith sithe smit smite smith st stem stich stie stime te tech techs tems tes the theic theics theism them this ti tic tice tices tich tiches tics tie ties time times tis

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